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pyramid. >> remember that, remember that john belushi skit, little hocolate donuts. anyway, listen, i don't like people who-- i don't want people to lose their jobs and take, and who have lost jobs to take this the wrong way, it's a cautionary tale, you push too hard onhe companies, you end up like the automakers, unless you get bailed out. twinkies is not going to get bailed out. and it's a private sector union. >> i agree, charlie mentioned the auto workers, there were times when unions did amazing things, made the work place better and they got wages. got to push too hard. >> and now, they put their interests ahead of customers and shareholders. >> and themselves. >> and the teamsters, even the teamsters upset that the smaller bakers union would not try to-- by the way, hey, since they're grinches, and they're-- >> oh, taking-- >> they also make yodels, bucko, great, great and baked by hostess, so-- >> and this is in horrible shape, and did you smash these. >> the last two in the vending machine. you know who sold them to me, andrew white, the guy in the video. >> pay $75 for these. >>
Search Results 0 to 3 of about 4 (some duplicates have been removed)